China won Sudirman Cup 2023 and created a record by lifting the 13th title

China won Sudirman Cup: China's Badminton team won their 3 consecutive BWF Sudirman Cup, and it is their 13th Sudirman title since 1989.

China won Sudirman Cup: China’s Badminton team won their 3 consecutive BWF Sudirman Cup, and it is their 13th Sudirman title since 1989. The first Sudirman Cup was hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia, in which Indonesia won the match by 3-2 against South Korea, and they even beat China in the semi-finals.

China won their first Sudirman Cup in 1995, which was held at Lausanne, Switzerland, in which they defeated Indonesia by 3-1 in the finals. After that, they won 4 consecutive Sudirman titles, but in 2003, they were defeated by South Korea.

From 2005 to 2015, China dominated in Sudirman Cup and won all season that year, but once again, South Korea ended their 6th title streak and defeated them in 2017, which was held at Gold Coast, Australia.

China once again won the 2019 and 2021 seasons, and now they won 3-0 in the 2023 season against South Korea. This year (2023) Sudirman Cup was held in Suzhou, China, and even the next season will be in China only.

The first match of the final was mixed doubles in which China’s Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong were matched up against Seo Seung Jae and Chae Yu Jung of South Korea. The Chinese duo won the match by 21-16, 16-21, 21-12 in the finals and after the match in the post-match interview.

We believed in each other. That was the main reason for our win,” said Zheng Si Wei. Without this crowd we couldn’t have won, they gave us the encouragement we needed. This is not the first match that we had to come back from match point down. We faced this situation a few times in this tournament, we had to save game points to win. This is a valuable experience for us, and we have to learn from it, on why we were down in the first place.”

Zheng Si Wei said in the post match presentation

In the 2nd match Shi Yu Qi of China defeated Korean player Lee Yun Gyu in a straight sets in the men’s singles by 21-12, 21-17. It was an dominating performance from Shi Yu Qi.

In the last match Chen Yu Fei won the match by 21-16, 22-20 defeating An Se Young to give her team one more Sudirman title.

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