Ronald Acuña Jr. Makes MLB History with 30 Home Runs, 60 Stolen Bases, and a Wedding Day to Remember

Ronald Acuña Jr. achieves a historic milestone by becoming the first player in MLB history to hit 30 home runs and steal 60 bases in a single season, all while tying the knot on the same day

Atlanta Braves’ superstar Ronald Acuña Jr. has etched his name in the annals of Major League Baseball (MLB) history by achieving a remarkable milestone in a single season. After tying the knot with his longtime girlfriend earlier in the day, Acuña hit his 30th home run of the season during a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday night. This grand slam off Dodgers’ pitcher Lance Lynn propelled Acuña to become the first player ever to accomplish the remarkable feat of hitting 30 home runs and stealing 60 bases in a single season.

The 23-year-old outfielder’s achievement is particularly significant as he now stands apart from legends like Barry Bonds and Eric Davis. Bonds hit 33 home runs and stole 52 bases in 1990, while Davis achieved 37 home runs and 50 stolen bases in 1987. Acuña’s impressive 61 stolen bases further solidify his place in the record books.

Acuña’s historic achievement on the baseball diamond came just hours after a momentous occasion in his personal life. He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Maria Laborde, in a ceremony that marked a significant milestone in their four-year relationship. The couple’s love story has blossomed over the years, leading to their engagement in January. With two sons, Ronald Daniel and Jamall, the couple’s union now takes on added significance due to Maria’s Venezuelan visa situation.

As the MLB season progresses, Acuña’s exceptional performance continues to captivate fans and fellow players alike. His incredible feat of combining power hitting and lightning-fast baserunning sets him apart as a true force to be reckoned with on the baseball field.

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