Indian Women’s Basketball Team Falls to North Korea in Asian Games Quarterfinals

The Indian women's basketball team faced a tough quarterfinal loss to North Korea at the 19th Asian Games, scoring 57-96.

In a quarterfinal showdown at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the Indian women’s basketball team faced a tough challenge against North Korea. Unfortunately, the Indian side couldn’t secure a victory and was defeated by North Korea with a score of 57-96. This loss dashed their hopes of advancing to the semi-finals.

Throughout the match, the Indian women’s basketball team struggled to gain control. They trailed in all four quarters, with North Korea taking the lead from the beginning. The first quarter ended with India trailing 20-26, and the situation worsened in the second quarter when they fell behind 6-26. Despite their efforts, the Indian team couldn’t mount a comeback in the last two quarters, losing 17-22 and 14-22, respectively.

In terms of statistics, India managed to secure 14 offensive rebounds, while North Korea outperformed them with 18. North Korea also displayed strong defensive skills, grabbing 26 defensive rebounds compared to India’s 19. India capitalized on turnovers, scoring 14 points from them, while North Korea converted 22 turnovers into points.

In the preliminary round of Group A, the Indian women’s basketball team won two out of three games. Although they faced a substantial defeat against China with a score of 111-53, they managed to secure victories against Indonesia and Mongolia. These wins allowed them to finish the group stage in second place with five crucial points, earning them a spot in the quarterfinals.

While the Indian women’s basketball team’s journey at the Asian Games came to an end in the quarterfinals, their participation and determination showcased their commitment to the sport.

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