NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Hits Record TV Low

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Final records an all-time low audience with an average of 14.69 million viewers. Details on the story here.

The NCAA March Madness tournament this year was a rollercoaster ride for television viewership. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, the tournament had plenty of surprises for fans. The Women’s Final between LSU and Iowa set a record for TV viewership, which was a remarkable achievement. However, the excitement was short-lived as the Men’s Final between Connecticut and San Diego State sank to record lows in terms of TV viewership. CBS Sports’ telecast of the game only attracted 14.69 million viewers, down 14% from the previous year’s Final coverage. The tournament was a mixed bag of emotions for fans, but one thing is for sure; it was an experience to remember.

The number of viewers for the men’s title game reached a concerning low this year, and it was behind the viewership of both last year and the 2018 Villanova-Michigan game. It’s no secret that CBS would have enjoyed better numbers if a top-tier program like Duke, North Carolina, or Kentucky had made it to the Final. While there’s something exciting about Cinderella teams like the Aztecs, their lack of recognition often leads to lower viewership. Some have even questioned the national TV appeal of the Huskies, leaving many wondering what changes might be made to attract a larger audience.

UConn’s 2004 win over Georgia Tech may not have had the highest viewership, but it was certainly a memorable moment for Huskies fans. According to Sports Media Watch, the game ranks fifth among the least-watched title games overall, with just 17.09 million tuning in. What’s even more noteworthy is that UConn is the only team to have multiple games in the bottom five. But despite the low viewership, the game marked the end of an era for basketball fans. It was legendary CBS announcer Jim Nantz’s last Final Four telecast, as he shifted his focus to other sports like golf and NFL games. Nonetheless, UConn fans will always remember the thrilling victory over Georgia Tech that capped off a successful season.

The LSU Tigers’ women’s basketball team has been the talk of the town, captivating fans across the country with their impressive victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sunday. Despite the men’s final struggling to get viewership, the women’s final shattered records with a whopping 9.9 million viewers tuning in to catch the game. It’s no wonder that fans are still buzzing about the exciting match-up. With such a significant increase in viewership from last year’s Women’s Final, it’s clear that this year’s game was a must-see event for basketball enthusiasts. Congratulations to the LSU Tigers for their well-deserved victory and for bringing excitement to the world of women’s college basketball.

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