Former UFC Fighter Talks Trauma in Athlete Journey

Former UFC fighter Kay Hansen speaks out about the trauma experienced throughout her journey from youth athlete to professional fighter.

Former UFC fighter Kay Hansen has bravely come forward to share her story and the trauma she experienced during her journey as a young athlete to a teenage professional fighter and beyond. Despite her many public successes, Hansen reveals that she was raped by her father for years, and that fighting and training became her escape from the harsh reality she faced. Her courageous admission sheds light on the hidden struggles that many athletes face behind the scenes, and serves as a reminder that there is often more to a person’s story than meets the eye. Hansen’s openness and vulnerability have inspired many, and her message is an important one that deserves our attention and support.

The 23-minute video project created by Jorge Barbosa, Cynthia Vance, and Mark Johnston, among others, is a heart-wrenching and inspiring portrayal of a young fighter’s journey to overcome the traumatic experience of sexual abuse. The documentary tells the story of Hawaii’s own Sally “The Valkyrie” Hansen, who had to face the difficult decision of separating from her own father, who was her longtime coach, after enduring years of abuse. Hansen’s bravery in speaking up about her struggles aims to inspire courage in those who are going through similar situations. The emotional relief and rebuilding process that follows are just as important as the journey itself. Sexual abuse may be a taboo topic to some, but it is far too common and needs to be addressed. Sally Hansen’s story is a reminder that survivors are not alone, and they deserve peace and justice.

Despite her young age, Danielle Hansen’s career in the UFC was cut short after a 1-3 stint, and she hasn’t fought professionally since her release in 2022. Despite this setback, the 23-year-old fighter has signed with Invicta FC and is looking forward to making her return to the ring. With eight of her first nine pro fights taking place under the Invicta banner, Hansen is no stranger to the organization, and fans are excited to see what she will bring to the table in her upcoming bouts. Despite her turbulent start in the UFC, Hansen continues to show an incredible level of dedication to her craft, and it will be interesting to see how she fares in the coming years.

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