Nate Diaz Vs Jorge Masvidal Final Press Conference: Kick Streamer “N3on” Chased By Ex-UFC Star’s Team

Kick streamer N3on found himself in trouble at the Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal press conference after showing disrespect to Nate Diaz.

Former UFC superstar Nate Diaz is not a personality to mess up with as time and time, people have faced the consequences after throwing fire on Nate Diaz, and this time, a controversial Kick Streamer “N3on” faced the wrath of Nate Diaz and their team after throwing disrespect towards him during the press conference. “N3on” was at the press conference and asked the former UFC star a disrespectful question.

”Second question I have for you today man is what if you do get knocked out, are you going to retire?”

N3on asked

Nate Diaz didn’t look happy with the question and threw verbal jabs at the streamer.

”Who said that? so I know who you are. That little bit*h boy, you fu**ing little pu**y fag**t… I am gonna kick you in your fu**ing leg motherfu**er… It’s little kids like this bit*h talking in his motherfu**ing, is like changing the times. He’ll get his a*s whooped. I got little girls over here that’ll f**k you up.”

Nate replied

N3on Chased By Nate Diaz Team:

Here is the full video of the incident

Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz will fight in a boxing match, this time to give an end to their BMF rivalry. When the two were part of the MMA organization, they had the championship fight for the inaugural BMF title in which “Gamebred” got the better of Nate Diaz and threw devastating blows to cut Nate’s eyebrows open, which led to a third-round Doctor stoppage as Jorge Masvidal was crowned as the BMF inaugural champion. The boxing match between the two is scheduled for 6 July at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

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