Conor McGregor saves himself from an embarrassing TUF record by registering his first win in TUF 31.

Former UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor, after losing seven fights in The Ultimate Fighter 31, finally registered his first win in the reality show. Conor McGregor‘s prospects’ Rico DiSciullio knocked out Hunter Azure in the second round of the fight, helping his team avoid a clean sweep in TUF, which would be an embarrassing record for “The Notorious”. Rico DiSciullio started well and opened a cut on Azure’s head, and in the second round, utilizing the opportunity, he finished the job with his right hand punch followed by a double hammer fist that looked like “Hulk Smash”, He will be the only semi-finalist from the Prospects.

Post-fight, Conor McGregor jumped in the air and started running around the cage like he won the fight himself, and went on to pass some comments on Team Chandler’s fighters, claiming they lacked the spirit to end the fight by knockouts.

“I love KO’s! Who doesn’t love KO’s? F****ng holding onto each other yous are in here for two f****ng rounds. You think closed guard top after two rounds the fight is over? There are a lot of unfinished fights in here.

McGregor said

this surpassed Roosevelt Roberts patience level and the fighter reminded him that his fighters tapped and if he put him in the cage he will beat his fighter Lee Hammond a*ss again.

“You’re mad your boy [Lee Hammond] got tapped. Put me in there with him and I’ll beat his a**!”

Roosevelt Roberts replied

After making his team avoid the whitewash, Rico DiSciullio got a ride with the UFC star in his Lamborghini as Conor McGregor handed him the keys for a ride. The next fight would happen between Roosevelt Roberts and Austin Hubbard in the Semi-finals, and the next bouts are yet to be revealed by the UFC.

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