Conor McGregor lost sixth consecutive fight in the TUF 31

UFC star Conor McGregor looked devastated after losing his sixth consecutive fight in The Ultimate Fighter 31. McGregor‘s team fighter, Lee Hammond, was choked out by Michael Chandler’s team fighter, Kurt Holobaugh, in a shocking comeback. The fight was going in favor of McGregor fighter Lee Hammond, and everyone was expecting that this could be a fight that could open the team’s prospects fight win score, but bad luck followed McGregor, and his fighter tapped to a guillotine choke in the last 2 minutes of round number 2. The loss made McGregor drop to his knees and curse his fate.

Michael Chandler’s team is still undefeated, and only two fights are left in TUF 31. Post-fight, there was a heated altercation between Chandler and McGregor when the two fighters came too close and passed comments on each other. After Conor McGregor mulched Chandler’s face and pushed him, UFC president Dana White ran towards the cage to separate both fighters. Fight fans are all hyped up as the TUF 31 is reaching its end, and fans of the team McGregor want to see at least one win in the season.

Fight fans are eagerly waiting for this year’s biggest fight between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor, who has to enter the USADA anti-doping test program six months before the fight, but he hasn’t entered the program yet, and the chances of these two fighting this year are not positive. Conor McGregor was happy to see his fighter Lee Hammond progress rapidly in MMA, as both of them come from the same Straight Blast Gym (SBG) in Ireland.

I thought Lee was the better fighter, he got caught but he was dominating the guy. he loves it, it’s his life. I’m very happy to see him grow and become the fighter he has become today.”

McGregor on Lee Hammond

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