Dwayne Johnson Revealed His Plans Of Joining MMA

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson thought of joining MMA in his early days of professional wrestling.

In The Joe Rogan Experience,” the podcast show, the people’s champ and one of the most famous persons on the planet, Dwayne Johnson, revealed that once he was thinking of joining the MMA, leaving professional wrestling. In the Joe Rogan Show #2063, Dwayne Johnson revealed that he planned to join Pride MMA, the Japanese Mixed Martial Arts promotion, due to the more opportunities and money they were providing to their athletes, which was more than what he was making in pro-wrestling. In fact, he almost made his mind to shift to the MMA, but that didn’t happen as Vince McMahon worked out things with him and he stayed in the WWE.

These guys in Pride (japanese promotion) making $250,000, $350,000, $500,000 I thought then I think I’m not gonna make in WWE people booing in the arena’sI talked with Kid Shamrock. I ran to Mark Kerr. I started talking to him and he started telling me about Pride. And I had the idea in my head that maybe I should train for MMA and go to pride and make money.”

Dwayne Johnson at JRE

Despite seeing what MMA fighters were making in the cage, he didn’t leave the ring and did awesome in terms of money and fame. After making huge in the ring, he shifted to Hollywood and gained massive fame through his action-packed movies in 2016. He revealed why he didn’t join MMA and chose Hollywood. In his words, he didn’t want to get punched on the face, as he likes his face and jaw to be as they are.

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