“He’s not even gonna fight Michael Chandler” Justin Gaethje on Conor McGregor.

UFC has scheduled Justin Gaethje to fight Dustin Poirier for the vacant BMF title at UFC 291 and the two fighters would be seen throwing heavy shots in the octagon on the reserved date. Both fighters have mutual respect for each other and have also praised each other several times on press conferences or in podcasts. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that “The Highlight” and “Diamond” both don’t like Conor McGregor, and recently, when it was asked to Justin Gaethje about his take on Conor McGregor, who is currently coaching at TUF 31, he refused to talk on “The Notorious” while speaking to TMZ Sports and said that he has now stopped discussing him and countered the queries asked.

Justin Gaethje and Conor McGregor had some nasty exchanges on social media years ago, when Justin Gaethje mocked Conor for his tweet of scheduling a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia. He tweeted that Conor McGregor has lost everything and called him a Sh*t human, father, and husband. Conor didn’t reply at that time, but in May 2020, by mentioning “the highlight” tweet, he called him out for a fight and promised to butcher him and make a necklace out of his teeth. The fight between these two didn’t happen, but now and then they pass comments on each other.

Gaethje and Poirier last fought each other in April 2018 at UFC fight night, where Dustin Poirier got the better of Justin by knocking him out in the fourth round. Justin is looking so pumped up to settle the score with the diamond, as he labeled the BMF title more prestigious than the UFC title. Speaking to Cormier, he said

You can’t put yourself in those shoes until you’re there. Again, with it being so prestigious – you don’t want to say that it’s more prestigious than a UFC title but it actually is. I mean, nobody is fighting for this [belt]. It takes the resume of Dustin Poirier and the resume of Justin Gaethje and force it to headline a main event

Gaethje said

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