Mighty Mouse won gold in his first ever competitive BJJ tournament.

Demetrious Johnson, aka “Mighty Mouse,” has added another feather to his cap as the MMA champion has won a gold medal in his first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championship. He entered the competition this week, and no wonder he aced the competition with his extraordinary martial arts skills. A former UFC and ONE flyweight champion has now crossed another achievement off his bucket list. He was fighting in the featherweight Gi division for brown belts, where he won the gold medal. He absolutely dominated that division and won five consecutive events to enter the finals of the event. He then went on to clinch the win in the finals as well.

After finishing at the top of the podium and receiving the brown belt, he has now moved one step closer to getting the BJJ black belt. Mighty Mouse, who is now 37 years old after winning the gold in grappling competition, could be expected to face the current grappling ONE world champion, Mikey Mususmechi. Mikey Musumechi has been dominating the ONE flyweight grappling division for a long time; his latest victory came against Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks. A fight with Demetrious Johnson makes more sense now that the Mighty Mouse has chosen this path, and an incredible match could be expected between these two legends.

Demetrious Johnson gave hints of his retirement before his trilogy fight with Adriano Moraes, but so far he hasn’t made that official, and we hope that after his trilogy fight we could see him taking his chance in grappling and submission. In his last fight, he defeated BJJ black belt holder Adriano Moraes for the second time to defend his flyweight title, and everyone is eager to see the trilogy fight between these two.

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