“He needs to get on his knees and kiss my feet.” Tyson Fury Wants To Take Credit For Ngannou’s Success

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury stated this about Francis Ngannou before his bout with Anthony Joshua.

The heavyweight bout between the former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and the reigning WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was the bout which proved the gamble of Francis Ngannou of leaving the UFC a profitable one as the Predator didn’t only strike a deal with the competitor PFL but signed the deal on his terms and before even doing his debut in the PFL he got the opportunity to box with the undefeated heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and in his debut boxing debut “The predator” shocked the combat sports community with his boxing skills in fact Francis Ngannou dropped Fury in the third round of the match which completely changed the boxing fans’ perception regarding Ngannou. 

Now that “The Predator” is set to fight the next big name in the boxing heavyweight division, Anthony Joshua, on March 8, 2024, Tyson Fury wants Francis Ngannou to thank him for the opportunity he provided to the former UFC champion that made him such a big star in the boxing world. Speaking to Charlie Parsons of The Stomping Ground, Tyson Fury explained his role in Ngannou’s success by stating: 

“I’m not sure what people expected of the man before [our fight]. I know it was supposed to be like a 1,000 to 1 shot, and he was useless and he couldn’t fight and all of that, but he proved everyone wrong, so fantastic for him. I put him on the map, made him a multi-millionaire, and now I’m making him even more money. So he needs to thank me. He needs to get on his knees and kiss my feet, doesn’t he, for what I’ve done for him.”

Fury said

Though Fury looked obsessed with himself by the statements he made on the show, he definitely played some role in putting Ngannou’s in the limelight, as the latter is now set to face his next boxing opponent and hopefully Fury again later this year in a rematch.

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