Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou Crossed path at PFL 5

The current UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones and PFL newcomer Francis Ngannou had an intense yet respectful face-off when both came face-to-face at PFL 5 on Friday. Both fighters exchanged some words with each other outside the cage. The heavyweight duo, one with the greatest punching power in the world and the other with the greatest fight IQ and ground game, never got the chance to have a fight inside the octagon when they were both part of the UFC. Even the fans wanted a fight where these two heavyweights could be seen in action against each other, but unfortunately that didn’t happen due to some reasons, and now Francis Ngannou is no longer part of the UFC. However,  fight fans went absolutely wild just seeing both fighters face to face at PFL.

The Professional Fighters League was going with their usual fight event, and Jon Jones was present to support his teammate Maurice Greene, who was competing in the PFL event at Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta. Maurice Greene didn’t have his night and lost the fight with a unanimous decision to Ante Delija. The arena got absolutely wild after the fight when the two heavyweights, Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, came close, staring at each other. First, Jon Jones took a close look at Ngannou’s physique, and then Francis Ngannou touched the stomach of Jones for fun. The two fighters then clasped hands, showing respect to each other.

Both fighters exchanged some words where Jon Jones said, “You know you don’t want no smoke.” Ngannou looked prepared and replied, “I give you respect for that, but I want that smoke.” After exchanging words, both fighters, showing mutual respect to each other, shook hands and left the fans speculating whether there would be any fight matchup in the future between these two guys. If it happened, that would be the biggest fight in the heavyweight division.

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