What Next For Francis Ngannou After His KO Loss To Anthony Joshua?

Francis Ngannou still thinks he has much to prove in boxing despite his recent KO loss to Anthony Joshua.

Francis Ngannou’s hype in the boxing world was destroyed by the former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua by knocking out the Predator in the second round of the 10-round boxing match. Francis Ngannou took on British boxer Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia; the game didn’t go Ngannou’s way as Joshua dropped the former UFC champion in the first round by landing a heavy right hand on him. Francis Ngannou failed to recover from the knockdown fully, and in the second round, he landed on the canvas on his back after a powerful one-two combination landed on his face.

After parting ways with the UFC, Francis made a big deal with another MMA promotion, PFL, who allowed him to take boxing matches outside fighting in the cage. Francis made his name in the boxing world after sharing ten rounds with the reigning WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in his debut boxing match. However, he lost the fight by a split decision. His stakes in boxing skyrocketed, but Joshua turned down the heat with his KO win over Ngannou, and now the fans are speculating whether Francis will return to MMA or if he has other plans.

PFL announced that Francis will be in the cage later this year, fighting 2023 PFL heavyweight champion Renan Ferreira. However, the chances of that happening at the later end of this year are grim, especially after his brutal loss to Joshua. On the MMA Hour, Francis revealed that he has so much to prove in the boxing world, and it looks like “The Predator” will not leave boxing without proving anything.

“The way that this fight (Joshua fight) happened it’s not the way that it was supposed to or should’ve so I think now I need to do boxing to claim something, to claim my respect, to claim my dignity, to claim everything.

Francis Ngannou on The MMA Hour

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