“It’s A Fair Dismissal; It’s Out.” AB de Villiers Called The Controversial Run-Out Callback “Irritating”

Mr. 360, AB de Villiers, shared his opinions on the Litton Das run-out callback of Ish Sodhi.

“Mankading”, is always a controversial topic, as some cricket experts call it against the spirit of the game while others favor it as it is a legal dismissal and thoroughly covered under the ICC rules. But whenever the incident of Mankading happens, that becomes a center of discussion in the cricket community, and recently the same happened in the second ODI match between Bangladesh and New Zealand. New Zealand’s right-arm leg spinner Ish Sodhi was at the non-striking end, and Bangladesh bowler Hasan Mahmud was bowling. Ish Sodhi was out of his crease before the ball was bowled. Hasan Mahmud noticed that and ran him out after taking his run-up.
After the on-field umpire referred the appeal to the third umpire, who declared Ish Sodhi out, he was going towards the pavilion but was called back by Bangladesh’s captain, Litton Kumer Das. The gesture was appreciated by the crowd present at the stadium, but that didn’t go well with Mr. 360, AB de Villiers, who criticized Litton Das’s run-out callback. AB de Villiers shared his opinion on the incident by saying this on his YouTube channel.

“Something that is irritating me at the moment is the rule of the run out when the batter is leaving the crease. Ish Sodhi was called back by the captain and I think, this is a little all over the place. I looked at the footage. If I get bowled, the captain can’t feel sorry for me and call me back. Right? So, why would this rule allow the batters to be called back?”

AB de Villiers

According to ABD, calling back a batter who was given out by the umpires by the opposition’s captain must be changed by the ICC.

“Where I am going with this is, I want the ICC to bring it into the rule that you can’t call batters back. Make it a fair dismissal. There are too many grey areas. When you leave grey areas, it can be really sore on the eyes for the fans, and I find it really irritating and hurtful towards the game”

He added

Before AB de Villiers, Bangladesh’s team player, Tamim Iqbal, also criticized his captain’s decision to call back Ish Sodhi during the post-match presentation.

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