BCCI will to move out of Cricket Centre

The BCCI is moving out of their headquarters to renovate the Cricket Centre, potentially improving infrastructure and venues for sports activities in India.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is set to move out of their headquarters within a week in order to begin the process of renovation. The BCCI will be shifting out of their current premises inside the Wankhede Stadium, South Mumbai, so that the much-needed renovations can begin at the Cricket Centre. It is believed that the renovations being done are focused on improving the current facilities and maintaining them for future use. This move by the BCCI could potentially result in improve infrastructure and venues for sport activities as well as providing better facilities for its members and fans alike. It is indeed an encouraging step towards preserving and strengthening cricket’s appeal in India.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to take temporary residence in two WeWork premises located in the Prabhadevi and Worli areas of Mumbai, as the refurbishment and upgrades to the BCCI’s Cricket Centre are expected to take around six months. This relocation comes with an air of excitement from BCCI members as these co-working chambers have a modern and comfortable ambience. The expectation is that all staff will be back in the Cricket Centre by September-October this year and will enjoy working in these new surroundings for the time being. The BCCI is confident that this relocation will help ensure efficient operations during this period.

The four-storey building built in 2006 is one of the most important buildings for India’s cricket governing body, the BCCI. Although the entire building is under their use and authority, Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) occupies one of its floors as it has been around since long before its construction. It’s been coexisting with the parent body ever since, without any disturbances or confrontations. Despite bids to renovate and update, MCA still stands in its current form with officials stating that, as of now, they have no plans to change it. An interesting fact about this building is a sure signifier of how well these two collective entities get along!

Ray Mali, during his tenure as the president of International Cricket Council (ICC) was filled with awe at the grandeur and extravagance of BCCI Office. At a 2006 Champions Trophy public function, he had jovially expressed his admiration and said that ICC wants to learn from BCCI so that they can grow together. Sharad Pawar, then president of BCCI having heard these comments, playfully remarked that to prevent information leakage jammers will have to be installed in the premises. This incident epitomizes not just the financial class and commanding stature that BCCI has acquired over the years but also puts into perspective how Ray Mali was in perpetual admiration for PCB and its operations.

After sixteen years, the all-new team behind the administrative side of Indian cricket is undertaking a major restructuring and beautification project. Spearheaded by Roger Binny and Jay Shah, this endeavor hopes to make their office live up to its fast-growing prestige in world cricket. To achieve this goal, they have hired a renowned architect to oversee the design process. These upgrades will focus on the fourth floor which will be solely dedicated for use by the office bearers. This upper story will contain a contemporary interior with its own conference hall. The second and first floors will be delegated for the remainder of the staff’s use. These efforts mark an optimistic step forward for India’s involvement in international cricket governance.

The Indian Women’s Cricket Team has done its country proud by making it to the semifinals of the ICC’s Women’s World Cup. Led by the intrepid Harmanpreet Kaur, the team is set to face off against long-time rivals Australia on Thursday in Cape Town, where Shah and BCCI treasurer Ashish Shelar have travelled to witness the match first-hand. While emotions inspire optimism for a victory, Saturday’s second semifinal between England and South Africa adds more uncertainty for Sunday’s final which will be hosted again at the Newlands stadium. Nonetheless, everyone is hoping that it will be an exciting week of intense cricket action for India and its fans.

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