Pakistan’s Sports Minister Ehsaan Mazari said “Pak will not come to India for ICC World Cup 2023 if..”

Pakistan Sports Minister Ehsaan Mazari stated in a shocking statement that if India is reluctant to participate in the Asia Cup 2023, which is to be held in Pakistan, then Pakistan’s team will also not participate in the ICC World Cup 2023, which is to be hosted by India this year. Though this year’s Asia Cup is going to be held in a hybrid model as the Asian Cricket Council accepted the Hybrid Model in which, apart from other teams, the Indian team will play the matches in Sri Lanka as Pakistan and Sri Lanka will jointly host the tournament, which was earlier to be hosted by Pakistan alone, the BCCI objected to it citing security concerns about sending the Indian team to Pakistan.

Ehsaan Mazari, in a recent interview with The Indian Express, expressed his personal opinion on Pakistan’s participation in the ICC World Cup 2023 as the Pakistan Cricket Board falls under his ministry. He said that if India insists on playing the Asia Cup 2023 matches at a neutral venue, then they would also demand to play all the matches of the World Cup 2023. This statement comes after the formation of the committee by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, which is to be headed by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and Ehsaan Mazari is one of the eleven members.

Opposing the Hybrid model, Ehsaan Mazari said that.

“Pakistan is the host, it has the right to hold all the matches in Pakistan. That is what the cricket lovers want, I don’t want a hybrid model.

India brings sports into politics. I don’t understand why the Indian government doesn’t want to send their cricket team here. Some time back a huge baseball contingent from India was in Islamabad to play. There was also the bridge team that had travelled to Pakistan. There were around 60 plus people, I was the chief guest of the event. They won here and left. Pakistan’s football, hockey and chess teams also travel to India,

Ehsaan Mazari on BCCI reluctance.

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