England Legend Kevin Pietersen Not Happy With Shreyas Iyer Batting In Second Test

Read why Kevin Pietersen blasts on Shreyas Iyer dismisall in the 2nd test match and what he said about Kohli. He also talk about intent.

Indian batter Shreyas Iyer once again failed to perform better in the 2nd test match’s first innings against England, in which he got out on 27 runs from 59 balls. That is not a good score for a player like Iyer, who is not some new player in his debut season or someone who played quite a few matches for India.

Iyer has been part of the Indian team for the last 3-4 years, and for the last two years, he has been in the core part of the team, but recently, it has been seen that Iyer cannot perform well in the test matches. Interestingly, Iyer has a better average in the ODI than his test average, which is not good for a player who wants to be a test player.

Shreyas Iyer Stats in Different Formats

FormatMatchInningsRunsAverageStrike RateCenturyHalf-Century

Iyer is also known as the best batter against spin bowling, but recently, he has been getting out on Spinners quite frequently in India, which is a concerning thing for the team management, who are still finding players to fill the shoes of Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Pujara, and Rohit Sharma.

Pujara and Rahane are already out of contention to even get a comeback in the test squad, as the management is looking at the new players. Kohli and Rohit are also not going to play for that long in the test format as their age is catching up to them, which is going to affect their physical fitness, which is one of the most important things to have in Test cricket.

Kevin Pietersen blasts Iyer’s dismissal and says his statement was sloppy.

You got to really grab the game by the scruff of its neck and say I am not letting go here. I am afraid to say with Shreyas it all seems a bit too sloppy. Sloppy is the word.

Pietersen said

When he is facing up to the bowler, he is jogging his leg out to leg side and then comes back to just defend the ball. You go to show some more intent than leg out there.

On this wicket, why are you doing that? That’s my question: what’s the point in doing that? What you are doing is you are messing yourself up, losing where your stumps are as a batter . I am more comfortable if you are coming towards the bowler, this here does nothing for me.

He has the ability to play some very good shots. But the soft dismissals are horrible. In this form of cricket, you got to be hungry and have desire,”

Pietersen said

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