“Harmanpreet Kaur crossed the limits” Ex-Indian cricketer slams India(W) captain for her behaviour in 3rd ODI against Bangladesh.

Harmanpreet Kaur is facing fire since the last ODI against Bangladesh, Indian(W) skipper couldn’t able to keep her calm during the final match of the three match ODI series against Bangladesh as the skipper hit the wickets with her bat after the on-field umpire decisioned her out after being appealed for LBW disappointed with the decision Harmanpreet Kaur went on to rant against the umpire and reportedly called them as the part of the Bangladesh team due to their awful umpiring she even questioned the facilities of the Bangladesh Cricket Board and said that next time they will remain prepare for such umpiring as well if they come to play in Bangladesh, seeing her behaviour ICC imposed fine on her and added 3 demerit points to her records. 

Ex-Indian cricketer Diana Edulji was disappointed with the Indian star player’s act and wanted BCCI to take strict action against her. As a senior player, she should know how to behave in such situations. Showing disappointment is good, but the way Harmanpreet Kaur did it was deplorable. In her column for the Indian Express, she also pointed out the poor management of the Indian Women’s team as the team has been coachless for about six months now and recommended BCCI to have a high-level meeting with the players and ask them about the issues for such poor performance.

“Harmanpreet isn’t the first cricketer to show dissent and the ICC rightly imposed sanctions on her. I understand wrong decisions were made. We have seen wrong decisions in the past too, not only in women’s cricket but in men’s cricket too. However, what happened post-game was not needed, all the more because Harmanpreet is the Indian captain. She has set a bad example for her teammates. I say that because juniors look up to seniors and this, over a period of time, can impact the team culture. This makes Harmanpreet’s behaviour all the more unacceptable”

Diana Edulji in her column for Indian Express

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