“I Was Lucky,” Rishabh Pant Speaks About His Horrific Accident First Time

Rishabh Pant has been out of action for about 13 months now, and reflecting on his car accident, he said this

India’s wicketkeeper batter Rishabh Pant, nearly 13 months after his car accident that happened back in December 2022 when he was driving back to his hometown, Uttarakhand, opened up. Luckily, he survived the accident and was rescued from his burning car by some good Samaritans. Following the accident, the doctors told the media that Rishabh Pant was out of danger, but it will take him more than a year to recover from the injuries he sustained. The accident left Rishabh Pant with three ligament tears on his right knee, an injured wrist, abrasions on his back, and some cuts on his forehead.

The good news for his fans came during the auction of the IPL 2024, as Rishabh Pant’s name was on the table, and before that, he attended a DC camp in November, and fans might see him in the field again during the IPL 2024, which is scheduled to happen in April 2024. Recently, in a brief interview with Star Sports, Pant went back in time and explained what he felt during the horrific accident and how he recovered from the injuries to get back to the ground again.

“First time in my life I felt like my time in this world is up. During the accident I was aware of the wounds, but I was lucky as it could have been even more serious. I was feeling that someone saved me. I asked the doctor how long will it take for me to recover, he said it would take 16-18 months. I knew I had to work hard to cut this recovery time,”

Rishabh Pant said

India is in desperate need of a wicketkeeper batter who can handle the pressure like Rishabh Pant and provide the strength to the middle order of the team. Soon, the Indian fans will find out whether he is fully fit to make a comeback in the team or not, as the IPL 2024 is approaching.

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