ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule, Team Fixtures, Match Timing and Venue

Read about the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024 schedule, fixtures, Match Timing, and Venue. Know when India will play Pakistan on Crpatinews.info.

The wait is over, and the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule is out. Twenty teams will compete to fight for one trophy, and the first match will start on June 2, 2024, when the host nation, the United States, will face Canada. It will be an exciting tournament as it is the first time 20 teams will play against each other.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Groups

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
IndiaAustraliaNew ZealandSouth Africa
PakistanEnglandWest IndiesSri Lanka
USANambiaPapua New GuineaNepal

The two teams with the most points in each group will advance to Super 8, and then they will play in the semi-finals, where four teams will fight for a spot in the final so they come one step closer to lifting the title.

Schedule of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024

1USA vs CANADASun Jun 2, 202406:00 AMDallas
2WEST INDIES vs PAPUA NEW GUINEASun Jun 2, 202408:00 PMGuyana
3NAMIBIA vs OMANMon Jun 3, 202406:00 AMBarbados
4SRI LANKA vs SOUTH AFRICAMon Jun 3, 202408:00 PMNew York
5AFGHANISTAN vs UGANDATue Jun 4, 202406:00 AMGuyana
6ENGLAND vs SCOTLANDTue Jun 4, 202408:00 PMBarbados
7NETHERLANDS vs NEPALTue Jun 4, 202409:00 PMDallas
8INDIA vs IRELANDWed Jun 5, 202408:00 PMNew York
9PAPUA NEW GUINEA vs UGANDAThur Jun 6, 202405:00 AMGuyana
10AUSTRALIA vs OMANThur Jun 6, 202406:00 AMBarbados
11USA vs PAKISTANThur Jun 6, 202409:00 PMDallas
12NAMIBIA vs SCOTLANDFri Jun 7, 202412:30 AMBarbados
13CANADA vs IRELANDFri Jun 7, 202408:00 PMNew York
14NEW ZEALAND vs AFGHANISTANSat Jun 8, 202405:00 AMGuyana
15SRI LANKA vs BANGLADESHSat Jun 8, 202406:00 AMDallas
16NETHERLANDS vs SOUTH AFRICASat Jun 8, 202408:00 PMNew York
17AUSTRALIA vs ENGLANDSat Jun 8, 202410:30 PMBarbados
18WEST INDIES vs UGANDASun Jun 9, 202406:00 AMGuyana
19INDIA vs PAKISTANSun Jun 9, 202408:00 PMNew York
20OMAN vs SCOTLANDSun Jun 9, 202410:30 PMAntigua
21SOUTH AFRICA vs BANGLADESHMon Jun 10, 202408:00 PMNew York
22PAKISTAN vs CANADATue Jun 11, 202408:00 PMNew York
23SRI LANKA vs NEPALWed Jun 12, 202405:00 AMFlorida
24AUSTRALIA vs NAMIBIAWed Jun 12, 202406:00 AMAntigua
25USA vs INDIAWed Jun 12, 202408:00 PMNew York
26WEST INDIES vs NEW ZEALANDThur Jun 13, 202406:00 AMTrinidad and Tobago
27BANGLADESH vs NETHERLANDSThur Jun 13, 202408:00 PMSt Vincent
28ENGLAND vs OMANFri Jun 14, 202412:30 AMAntigua
29AFGHANISTAN vs PAPUA NEW GUINEAFri Jun 14, 202406:00 AMTrinidad and Tobago
30USA vs IRELANDFri Jun 14, 202408:00 PMFlorida
31SOUTH AFRICA vs NEPALSat Jun 15, 202405:00 AMSt Vincent
32NEW ZEALAND vs UGANDASat Jun 15, 202406:00 AMTrinidad and Tobago
33INDIA vs CANADASat Jun 15, 202408:00 PM FloridaFlorida
34NAMIBIA vs ENGLANDSat Jun 15, 202410:30 PMAntigua
35AUSTRALIA vs SCOTLANDSun Jun 16, 202406:00 AMSt Lucia
36PAKISTAN vs IRELANDSun Jun 16, 202408:00 PMFlorida
37BANGLADESH vs NEPALMon Jun 17, 202405:00 AMSt Vincent
38SRI LANKA vs NETHERLANDSMon Jun 17, 202406:00 AMSt Lucia
39NEW ZEALAND vs PAPUA NEW GUINEAMon Jun 17, 202408:00 PMTrinidad and Tobago
40WEST INDIES vs AFGHANISTANTue Jun 18, 202406:00 AMSt Lucia
41A2 vs D1Wed Jun 19, 202408:00 PMAntigua
42B1 vs C2Thur Jun 20, 202406:00 AMSt Lucia
43C1 vs A1Thur Jun 20, 202408:00 PMBarbados
44B2 vs D2Fri Jun 21, 202406:00 AMAntigua
45B1 vs D1Fri Jun 21, 202408:00 PMSt Lucia
46A2 vs C2Sat Jun 22, 202406:00 AMBarbados
47A1 vs D2Sat Jun 22, 202408:00 PMAntigua
48C1 vs B2Sun Jun 23, 202406:00 AMSt Vincent
49A2 vs B1Sun Jun 23, 202408:00 PMBarbados
50C2 vs D1Mon Jun 24, 202406:00 AMAntigua
51B2 vs A1Mon Jun 24, 202408:00 PMSt Lucia
52C1 vs D2Tue Jun 25, 202406:00 AMSt Vincent
53T.B.C. vs T.B.CThur Jun 27, 202406:00 AMTrinidad and Tobago
54T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Thur Jun 27, 202408:00 PMGuyana
55T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Sat Jun 29, 202408:00 PMBarbados

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