ICC ODI World Cup Trophy: Weight| Design| History| Myths| All You Need To Know

The ICC ODI World Cup trophy has gone through various changes since it came to the fore and here we have answered some of the questions.

The ICC ODI World Cup trophy is not just an ordinary trophy for the cricket teams, as getting even one is a dream that is yet to become reality for some of the cricket-loving countries. Though we know that the winner would lift the trophy in the World Cup and take it home, does it actually work like that, or is there something else to this simple story? There are many myths and stories that revolve around the ICC World Cup trophy, and here we have tried to answer all the popular questions that revolve around the trophy and bust some of the myths.

Was The ICC ODI World Cup Trophy Unchanged Since 1975?

The ICC World Cup trophy, when it was introduced back in 1975, had a different design, as back then the tournament was known as the Prudential Cup. Prudential was the insurance company that sponsored the tournament. For three World Cup editions (1975, 1979, and 1983), the tournament was called the Prudential Cup. All three were held in the United Kingdom, and later, as the sponsor of the tournament changed, so did the design and look of the trophy until 1999, when the ICC took the responsibility in its hands to design the trophy once and for all, and since then, the trophy has been handed over to the winner of each ODI World Cup.

Does The Winner Get The Original Trophy?

The original trophy is kept with the ICC, and the winner takes home a replica of the original one. There is hardly any noticeable difference between the original and the replica of the trophy. Australia is the only team to have lifted the original ICC ODI World Cup trophy back in 1999, when they were crowned winners. It was the same year when the ICC introduced the World Cup trophy.

What is the Weight of the ICC World Cup Trophy?

The weight of the ICC World Cup trophy is approximately 11 kilograms and stands 65 centimeters high. This is the standard weight of the ICC trophy when it was first introduced back in 1999. It is one of the biggest and heaviest tournament trophies.

Who Designed The Original ICC World Cup Trophy And How Does It Look?

The original ICC ODI World Cup trophy was designed by Paul Marsden of Garrard & Co. in London and was made in two months. The trophy was made from gold and silver, containing a golden globe designed like a cricket ball with a seam on it, and it was held up by the three silver columns representing the wickets and bails, signifying the three important aspects of cricket: batting, fielding, and bowling.

What Is The Prize Money For The Winner Of The ICC World Cup 2023?

The winner of the ICC World Cup 2023 will be given $4 million, and here are the complete details of who will get what at the end of the ICC World Cup 2023.

StageRate US$Total US$
Winner (1)4,000,0004,000,000
Runner-up (1)2,000,0002,000,000
Losing Semi-Finalist (2)800,0001,600,000
Teams eliminated after group stage (6)100,000600,000
Winner of each group stage match (45)40,0001,800,000


Where Is The ICC World Cup Trophy Kept?

The original ICC trophy is kept at the ICC headquarters, which is in Dubai, UAE.

What Is The ICC Trophy Made Up of?

The ICC trophy is made up of gold and silver.

How Many Trophies Did India Win?

India won two trophies: one in 1983, which was known as the Prudential Cup, and another in 2011.

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