“I would want to actually believe Hanuma Vihari’s version” Ex-India Player Backs Hanuma Vihari

Akash Chopra takes the side of Hanuma Vihari amid the ACA controversy. 

Hanuma Vihari’s allegations against the Andhra Pradesh Cricket Association for allowing political interference in state cricket have created controversy in the state’s political spectrum. The Indian cricketer has earlier revealed that he was removed from Andhra’s team captaincy after he shouted at a cricketer whose father is a politician. ACA has refused the claims of Hanuma Vihari; in fact, the association has put blame on the cricketer for gaining fake support from his teammates amid the controversy. Ex-India cricketer turned expert Akash Chopra has jumped in to support Hanuma Vihari and uploaded a video on his YouTube channel regarding his stance on the situation.

Akash Chopra, pointing out the passion of Hanuma Vihari towards cricket, reminded the cricket fans about the courage he showed when his hand was fractured, and despite the injury, he batted for the team. He also brought his innings against the Australian side in Sydney when he batted with a torn hamstring. 

Mud-slinging is happening, the blame game is happening from both sides. From a players’ fraternity, you want to trust the player always. Hanuma Vihari is not just any player. He batted for Andhra with one hand when he had a fracture in his hand,

Akash Chopra said on his YouTube video

“He has had an incredible journey. He has helped Andhra qualify. He has got the team together. I have huge respect for him, whether it was the Sydney match where he played with a torn hamstring and put his career on the line, and then he batted one-handed for Andhra. I would want to actually believe Hanuma Vihari’s version,”

He added

However, ACA has accused Vihari of creating class differences in the team and using foul language against the teammates, due to which ACA has received complaints against the cricketer.

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