Former England Cricketer Sarah Taylor Announces Joyful News of Partner’s Pregnancy

Former England cricketer Sarah Taylor announced her partner's pregnancy with a heartfelt message, receiving positive feedback from fans.

Wednesday marked a significant day for former England cricketer Sarah Taylor, who publicly announced that her partner is pregnant. Taking to social media, she shared the special news with a heartfelt message that highlighted the challenging journey they faced on their path to motherhood. Her announcement was met with immense positivity, and it’s no wonder – as among many of Sarah Taylor’s accomplishments throughout her sporting career, this one may be the most life-changing yet.

Few people have had as much of an impact on the game of cricket as Meg Lanning’s Australian teammate, Alyssa Healy. She was able to achieve success not just through her wicketkeeping skills, but also because of her ability to take on high-pressure situations in the batting order. Throughout her career, she had an incredible eye for defensive shots and often provided a stabilizing presence for Australia in tight competitions. In September 2019, Taylor announced her retirement from international cricket due to anxiety issues that had become too burdensome for her to manage. Although this announcement was difficult for many fans and teammates to come to terms with, Taylor is certain to always be remembered for her importance to the game, and especially for bringing attention to the women’s game from around the world.

Taylor had long been held up as a national symbol of courage and determination, but none of that seemed to matter when she took an indefinite break from the game in 2016 due to increasingly frequent mental health issues. Despite having to take time away from the game — something that had been a major part of her life for years — Taylor was inspired to come back and continue pushing herself forward. Thanks to her own hard work and dedication, she was able to return in time for the World Cup, where she proudly stood alongside her teammates in representing her country on the field. While many considered her return remarkable, Taylor simply saw it as another opportunity to show those around her just how strong and brave she truly is.

Before the 2017 World Cup, a momentous occasion for her in more ways than one, England’s Heather Taylor had been on a tough journey. Battling severe mental health issues, she had to battle panic attacks and negative feelings to even make it onto the field. Fortunately, however, she was able to find solace in the sport that would ultimately see her shine. In that tournament alone, Taylor scored 396 runs at an average of 49.50 with specially memorable innings of 147 against South Africa and 45 against India in the finals. It was a remarkable run given what she had gone through and proved to be just the beginning for Taylor who has since become one of the leading lights in her sport.

Walking to the doctor can be a tough experience, especially when it is unexpected. For one woman, who recently went to a doctor in London, this was certainly the case. What she thought would be a leisurely 15-minute stroll became an intense emotional battle. Despite having experienced such moments before, she was unprepared for its intensity this time around. She found her ability to take in air diminishing while shaking uncontrollably as she sat alone outside the entrance of the office. The woman felt somewhat comforted by normalizing these unprecedented moments with everyday occurrences. But overall, fifteen minutes never felt so long or so difficult.

Sarah Taylor is a force to be reckoned with in the game of cricket, and her impressive credentials speak for her talent. She has represented England in an incredible 226 games across formats and made a whopping 4,056 runs from just 126 One Day Internationals at a staggering average of 38.26. Not only that, she holds the record of more dismissals than any other woman cricketer and is a three-time World Champion. From 2009-2020, Sarah Taylor has firmly established herself as one of the greatest female cricketers in history and we can only hope to see more of her incredible talent in the years to come.

Taylor is a remarkable achievement to England cricket team, earning her spot in the second-highest run scorer in T20I, and seventh overall. Her extensive dedication has allowed her to score 2,177 runs for England from a total of 90 matches with an impressive average of 29.02, 16 times having half centuries. Her skill goes even further as she has proven her track record with representation from 10 Test match scoring 300 runs. Taylor’s ultimate commitment towards the team makes her one of the finest examples of what it means to be a great all rounder on the English cricket team.

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