Ian Healy blasts Ollie Robinson for his abusive send-offs to Khawaja. Ollie gave a savage reply.

Ashes has started and brought a lot of heat as the series does, the 5 test matches series between England and Australia started with a bang with Ben Stokes declaring team during the first day of Test 1 and inviting the Aussies to surpass the total of 393 runs, opener Usman Khawaja tested the patience of the bowlers a lot and played superb innings of 141 runs, on day 3 of the first test, Ollie Robinson bowling and field placement pushed Khawaja to do a mistake and Ollie Robinson hit right at the off stump, but it is the aftermath of the Khwaja’s wicket which are making headlines as England’s bowler was captured saying some abusive words to Khawaja which was not taken lightly by Australia legend Ian Healy and criticized Ollie Robinson for his provocative act demanding a fine on England’s bowler.

Ian Healy Australia’s legend has his take on Ollie Robinson after seeing the bowler pass provocative comments on Usman Khawaja.

It is a lack of class like he’s been criticised for, but that’s ok, it happens in the heat of the moment. I think he should have been punished because it was shown so closely on TV and it does incite retaliation”. If Khawaja retaliated to that and said something back to him, he’d probably get in trouble. He (Robinson) was trying to incite that, it was rude and it was rugged. There probably should have been a little fine handed down to Ollie

Ian Healy speaking on SEN breakfast

After the heated moment when Ollie Robinson was asked about what happened to him, the all-rounder apologized and praised Usman Khawaja for his innings.

“It’s my first home Ashes. To get the big wicket at the time was special for me. Uzzy played unbelievably well. To get that wicket for us at the time was massive. We all want that theatre of the game, so I am here to provide it. I don’t really care how it is perceived to be honest. It’s the Ashes, it’s professional sport. If you can’t handle that, what can you handle?”

Ollie said

Further, he brought Australian legend Ricky Ponting into the conversation and said that he also did the same to them during his time.

When you’re in the heat of the moment and you have the passion of the Ashes, that can happen. We’ve all seen Ricky Ponting and other Aussies do the same to us, and just because the shoe is on the other foot it’s not received well.

Ollie Robinson added

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