Ishant Sharma named India’s best captain and it is not MS Dhoni.

Right-arm bowler Ishant Sharma, during his prime, was one of the lethal bowlers in the Indian team. He represented India in almost all formats, and most of the matches he played were under India’s one of the greatest captains, MS Dhoni. Ishant Sharma played 130 matches out of his 199 international matches under MS Dhoni, and it will not be an exaggeration to say that he became the bowler that was needed by India under Dhoni’s captaincy. But recently, Ishant Sharma was named the best captain of the Indian team. According to his opinion, he named Virat Kohli as the best captain of India so far.

The reason behind naming Virat Kohli as the best captain of India is that he always allowed bowlers to think outside the box, and the aggressiveness he brought on the field while he was commanding the team Ishant Sharma also admitted that MS Dhoni’s tenure as a captain was also a good phase for the Indian bowlers and called it the transition phase for him, as Dhoni was grooming the Indian bowlers for the international format to hand over the charge to Virat later, but the development afterwards was done by Virat.

Virat Kohli has a higher winning percentage as a captain than MS Dhoni, and that’s what shows that his strategy during his tenure as a captain worked really well, which is also appreciated by Ishant.

“He (Kohli) was the best. When Virat was captain, bowling was complete. When we were playing under Mahi bhai, we were in a transition phase. At that time, Shami and Umesh were new, and only I was there. Everyone else would rotate. Bhuvi was also new. There is no match for Mahi bhai as a communicator. But what he did was groom the bowlers and leave them with Virat. Shami and Umesh, over time, became different bowlers and then Jasprit came in. So, he got a complete package. The best thing he did was identify everyone’s traits, that he used to talk about one thing with one person and then Iet them be”

Ishnat Sharma on Virat Kohli

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