Kumar Kushagra’s Miracle Day: Ganguly’s Assurance and a Life-Changing Bid

Sourav Ganguly's commitment becomes reality as Delhi Capitals secures Kumar Kushagra for a staggering bid of INR 7.2 Crore.

The IPL 2024 Auction unfolded with a riveting display of talent and fervent bidding wars, and amidst the excitement, one uncapped Indian player, Kumar Kushagra, emerged as a standout figure. Hailing from Jharkhand, the same state as former Indian captain MS Dhoni, Kushagra, a wicketkeeper-batter, caught the attention of franchises with his remarkable skills on the field.

In a fierce bidding battle with the Gujarat Titans, Delhi Capitals (DC) secured Kumar Kushagra for a staggering INR 7.2 Crore. The endorsement from Sourav Ganguly, the former India captain and the current Director of Cricket at DC, made this acquisition even more remarkable.

During the DC trials in Kolkata, Ganguly was reportedly impressed with Kushagra’s six-hitting prowess and fielding skills. According to Kushagra’s father, Shashikanth, in a conversation with the Indian Express, Ganguly even drew parallels between the young cricketer and the legendary MS Dhoni.

The connection between Ganguly and Kushagra deepened further when the former India captain assured him to bid for the young talent up to INR 10 Crore. This pledge added a layer of significance to the IPL 2024 Auction for Kushagra and his family.

Shashikanth Kushagra revealed that after the trials at Eden Gardens, Ganguly confidently conveyed to his son that he would play for the Delhi Capitals, and the franchise would bid for him up to ₹10 crore. The moment of truth arrived during the auction when Delhi Capitals secured Kumar Kushagra with a life-changing bid. Shashikanth described it as a miraculous day, expressing his initial disbelief and gratitude for the turn of events.

At the trials, Ganguly was impressed with his six-hitting ability and ability to play the field. His keeping skills also impressed Ganguly and even told him that there is a bit of MS Dhoni in him when he whips the bails

After the trials at Eden (Gardens), Ganguly told Kushagra that he would play for the Delhi Capitals and the franchise would bid him for ₹10 crore. I thought he would get picked by the Capitals at the base price. For a few minutes, I was so numb. One can only think about miracles; today was that kind of day. He was confident because Ganguly had promised him, but I thought he must have said this to encourage him


As Kumar Kushagra embarks on his journey with the Delhi Capitals, the backing of Sourav Ganguly and the significant bid serves as a testament to the young cricketer’s potential. As acknowledged by Ganguly, the echoes of MS Dhoni in his playing style add an extra layer of excitement to Kushagra’s promising career in the Indian Premier League.

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