Mitchell Johnson Ousted from Commentary Role Amidst Warner Controversy

Dive into the verbal sparring between Mitchell Johnson and David Warner as Johnson faces exclusion from the Pakistan vs Australia Test series commentary.

In a recent turn of events, Mitchell Johnson has reportedly been removed from the commentary team for the Pakistan vs Australia Test series following his public spat with former teammate David Warner. The controversy erupted when Johnson, in his column, questioned Warner’s selection for the Test series against Pakistan, suggesting that it was based on retirement plans rather than performance.

Johnson also criticized Australia’s chief selector, George Bailey, accusing him of being too close to the players and influencing the selection process. The tension between the former teammates was expected to escalate during the first Test in Pakistan, but with Johnson’s removal from the commentary team, that face-off seems unlikely.

Initially, Johnson had announced his inclusion in the Triple M commentary team for the series. However, the official list released by the company did not feature his name but included renowned figures like Merv Hughes, Wasim Akram, and Mark Taylor.

In his column, the controversy deepened as Johnson declared that Warner did not deserve a “hero’s sendoff” in what could potentially be his last series. Johnson also hinted at a personal text message from Warner earlier in the year, responding to Johnson’s comments about Warner’s wife, Candice, defending her husband’s place in the team.

Speaking on ‘The Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show,’ the former Australia pacer revealed the nature of Warner’s message, describing it as “quite personal.” Johnson expressed disappointment in Warner’s response and indicated that it played a part in his decision to write the controversial column.

“I got a message from Dave, which was quite personal. I tried to ring to try and talk to him about it, which I’ve always been open to. It was never a personal thing then until this point. This is probably what drove me to write the article as well, part of it. It was definitely a factor,” Johnson explained.

Fans are waiting for David Warner’s reply as it’s been three days since Johnson put up the whole scenario, and the world wants to know what happened in the conversation between Warner and Johnson.

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