Bowlers With The Most Number Of Five Wickets Haul In The ODI World Cup

Here is the list of the bowlers with the most five-wicket hauls in the ODI World Cup.

Five wickets in a single game of cricket is a big feat for a bowler, especially in big events, and what could be a bigger cricketing event than the ICC ODI World Cup? There were some exceptional bowling performances by the bowlers of various teams where they wiped out half of the opposition team on their own, and here are the names of those cricketers who have taken the most number of five-wicket hauls in the ODI World Cup.

Bowler Name Team Span5 Wickets Best
Mitchell Starc Australia 2015-201936/28
Gary GilmourAustralia1975-197526/14
Vasbert Drakes West Indies 2003-200325/33
Mustafizur Rahman Bangladesh 2019-202325/59
Ashantha De MelSri Lanka1983-198725/32

Mitchell Starc:

Australian bowler Mitchell Starc is no doubt one of the most lethal Australian bowlers currently playing for the team, and his stats show his prowess in bowling, as he is at the top of the list for taking the most number of 5 wickets in the ODI World Cup. Mitchell Starc has taken five wickets in a match three times in the World Cup, and it is highly possible that in the 13th edition of the ODI World Cup he will lead further in the number of five wickets in the ODI World Cup.

Gary Gilmour:

Another Australian bowler on the list is Gary Gilmour, who was deadly with a cricket ball in his hands, and in the only ODI World he played, he picked up a five-wicket haul twice in the tournament back in 1975. Gary Gilmour’s best figure in the ODI World Cup was 6/14.

Vasbert Drakes:

Vasbert Drakes is the only West Indian on the list of the top five bowlers with the most five-wicket hauls in the World Cup. He was a Barbadian cricketer who played for the West Indies in the World Cup. His only appearance in the World Cup for the West Indies was in 2003. He took five wickets twice in that year’s World Cup, with his best figures being 5/33.

Mustafizur Rahman:

Bangladesh’s left-arm pacer, Mustafizur Rahman, is a magician with the ball in his hands. In the 2019 ODI World Cup, he took five wickets twice. His best figure was against India (5/59). He is playing for the Bangladesh side in the ODI World Cup 2023, and he has the chance to improve his rankings in the list of the most five-wicket haulers in the World Cup.

Ashantha De Mel:

It’s not Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan or Lasith Malinga. It is Sri Lanka’s former right-arm bowler Ashantha De Mel who is at number five on the list with his right-arm swinging action. He took five wickets twice during his era and featured for Sri Lanka twice in the ODI World Cup. His best figure in the World Cup was 5/32.

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