“Under MS Dhoni Players had a sense of security”- Ravichandran Ashwin commented again on WTC loss.

After India’s defeat in the final of the WTC (2021-23), fans are blaming team management and the selection of the players in the final. The most prominent question was why Ravichandran Ashwin wasn’t included in the team despite being the top-ranked bowler in test cricket. It’s now been 2 weeks since the loss, but Ashwin still has some complaints left, over his non-inclusion in the team’s playing XI, and he again spoke on this issue in a recent video of his YouTube channel, where he mentioned how MS Dhoni’s way of leading the team is different from the current scenario and why players had a sense of security under him, which was an indirect attack towards the current team management.

On his YouTube channel (Ashwin), he started his video with his take on the WTC final and described some of the strengths of Australia’s batting line-up, especially Marnus Labuschagne. The 36-year-old spinner then touched on the topic of the fans reaction after the loss and the drought of ICC trophies in India despite having a strong line-up, and mentioned what was different in MS Dhoni’s era. He said.

Congratulations Australia! It was a fantastic final and they completely deserve the win. There was a small advantage although as few players like Marnus Labuschagne played a couple of matches in county cricket. That was a small one because in a one-Test shootout you can’t really say who will do what, but they thoroughly deserved it. Even in the last WTC cycle, they missed qualifying for the finals only by a whisker. They have been a consistent Test team like India.”

It is understandable that there’s a furore in India that we haven’t won an ICC trophy in 10 years. I empathise with the fans. But the reaction on social media is that this player should be dropped and that player should be included. But quality of a player doesn’t change overnight. Lot of us talk about MS Dhoni’s leadership. What did he do? Ge kept it very simple. Under his regime, where I also played, he will pick a squad of 15. The same squad of 15 and the XI will play throughput the year. That sense of security is very important for a player,

Ravichandran Ashwin in his YouTube video

Ashwin said that players had a sense of security in Dhoni’s era as the captain picked 15 players who were going to play for a full year, which kept players assured that they would get a chance to improve on their mistakes much better.

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