Red Bull 2024 F1 Season Car Launch Event: Horner Talks To Media First Time After Investigation

Read about the what Christain Horner said to Press about investigation in the Red Bull RB 20 Car Launch Event.

At last, the defending champion Red Bull Racing held the last Car Launch event of the F1 2024 season. However, the event also grabbed the attention when the team principal, Christian Horner, came out to speak to the media since going under investigation by the Formula 1 management.

As soon as the team uncovered the new RB20 to the media and fans, all were impressed, but many also noticed that it is somewhere like the 2023 F1 car of the Mercedes W14.

Red Bull’s new car, the RB20, was revealed on Thursday, showcasing some interesting features. It seems to have a vertical sidepod radiator inlet, similar to Mercedes’ ‘zeropod’ concept seen in the W13. The RB20 maintains downwash sidepod solutions but keeps the nose and front-end parts similar to the previous season’s design.

During the launch event, the RB20 displayed a larger and simpler floor, possibly to keep the crucial aerodynamic details hidden from rivals until 2024 testing. Some elements resembling Mercedes’ design may be intentional misdirection, reminiscent of Alfa Romeo’s strategy in the past.

The RB20’s livery remains largely unchanged from its predecessor, with only a subtle darkening of the yellow shade introduced in 2017. Red Bull’s Team Principal, Christian Horner, described the new car as an evolution, emphasizing the team’s continuous efforts to push boundaries.

Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez shared their thoughts on the RB20’s design. Verstappen expressed his initial reaction as positive, finding the design different in a good way. Perez commended Red Bull for their bravery in changing the concept.

Despite the positive unveiling, there was no mention of the ongoing investigation into allegations involving Christian Horner at the launch event. Questions related to the situation were restricted, considering it remains a legal matter. Overall, the team is optimistic about the RB20’s potential, with Horner praising the intricate details of the car.

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