CSK’s CEO’s statements on the rumored rift between Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni

Ravindra Jadeja is one of the most loved players of the Chennai Super Kings, and he proved his worth as one of the most successful IPL teams by winning the IPL 2023 final for his team when his team required him the most. By hitting a boundary on the final ball of the match, he honored his team to lift the IPL title for the fifth time. Not only with the bat, the all-rounder contributed with his bowling attack as well. Everyone knows the friendship he has with CSK  captain MS Dhoni, and that reflects on the field as well, but during the IPL there were rumors about a possible rift between Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni.

During a match with the Delhi Capitals, Ravindra Jadeja scored 50 runs in his four overs spell, to which MS Dhoni had a heated conversation with him, which can happen during the match, but fans left perplexed when Jadeja posted a tweet on his handle and the words were “Karma will get back at you, sooner or later it surely will.” His comment read, “Definitely” along with a thumbs-up emoji”. There were speculations that it was because of the heated conversation Jadeja posted such a tweet, but all are just rumors, as finally CSK’s CEO Kasi Viswanathan rejected any kind of rift rumors between these two great players. Speaking to ESPNcricinfo, he said:

“As far as Ravindra Jadeja is concerned, he bowled superbly. While batting, our line-up of Ruturaj, Conway, Moeen, Rahane, with the results, whenever he [Jadeja] went in to bat, he had 5-10 balls left. In such situations, it can or can’t click sometimes. But the thing is he also knew Dhoni was to come in next, and he himself would get just 2-3 balls sometimes. In such situations whenever he went in, the crowd used to welcome Dhoni. In a way, he may have felt hurt. Any player for that matter may have had that pressure. But he didn’t complain about it even though he put out a tweet.”

“It’s all part and parcel of the game. After the last game, people saw videos online and assumed I’m pacifying Jadeja, but it wasn’t like that. I was talking to him about the match, what he did. We didn’t have any other discussion. Everyone knows in a team environment, what happens in the dressing room, no one is privy to it outside. We don’t have any problem. He always had high respect for Dhoni. After the final also, he said, ‘I dedicate this knock to Dhoni.’ That is the kind of respect he has for MS.”

CSK’s CEO Kasi Viswanathan

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