Rohit Sharma Will Lead Indian Cricket Team At T20 World Cup

Jay Shah announced that Rohit Sharma will lead India at the T20 World Cup and said that India will win this World Cup, which is once again going to be a tough job for the team after losing the final of the ODI World Cup against Australia in India.

Last night in Rajkot, Jay Shah came to the event and announced the most awaited news, which most of the media and fans wanted to know about. Rohit Sharma will be captain of the Indian Cricket Team in the T20I World Cup.

In 2023 (final) at Ahmedabad, even though we did not win the World Cup after 10 straight wins, we won hearts. I want to promise you that in 2024 (T20 World Cup) in Barbados (venue for the final), under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy, ham Bharat ka jhanda gaadenge (we will hoist the Indian flag)

Jay Shah said

Jay Shah also talked about the exclusion of Virat Kohli, as many fans asked why he was not playing in the important test series between India and England. In reply, he said that Virat Kohli has a right to take a break for personal reasons, and we are no one would pressure him to play in the series because he gave his years to Indian cricket with all his hard work and passion for making the Indian team reach the top.

Why Is Kohli not playing in the ongoing test series against England?

The reason for Kohli’s absence is still not confirmed. However, recently, AB de Villiers said that Virat is expecting a second baby, but soon after the comment, he posted a video and released a statement saying that he is sorry to him and his family about telling the information.

The reason Kohli missed the series is still a mystery because it is said to be only personal leave for him, and till now, no one has seen Kohli out of his home. However, he will be back soon as the BCCI confirms the news.

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