Do You Know? Shoaib Malik’s First Wife Was An Indian Too

Shoaib Malik's first marriage was with an Indian woman who hails from Hyderabad.

Former Pakistan’s cricketer Shoaib Malik has been headlining the columns of various news outlets since last week for his third marriage after getting the divorce from India’s tennis star Sania Mirza. Shoaib Malik now tied the knot with Pakistan’s actress Sana Javed; later, Sania Mirza’s family confirmed the rumors of the divorce through social media platforms. The thing to notice here is that this was not Shoaib’s second marriage, but his third. Little do the fans know that Pakistan’s cricketer’s first wife was also an Indian. Shoaib’s first wife was from Hyderabad, Telangana, and there is an intriguing story behind their marriage, which later turned into a controversy.

A woman named Ayesha Siddiqui from Hyderabad before Shoaib’s second marriage news was confirmed came to the limelight, claiming her to be the first wife of Shoaib Malik. The latter initially denied the woman’s claims, but when Ayesha Siddique or Maha Siddique filed an FIR against Shoaib showing the video proofs of their marriage, which happened back in 2002, later they both resolved the issue and got the divorce, with Ayesha getting Rs 15 crore as alimony. In an interview with the Times News Network, Shoaib Malik revealed that his first marriage was a “telephonic nikah,” which means that his marriage happened via a phone call as her first wife tricked him to do it when he was just 20 years old.

He didn’t even meet his first wife, Ayesha, in person before marrying her. The duo regularly talked on the phone but never met, as her first wife always made excuses for not meeting him because, according to Shoaib, she wasn’t the lady she was pretending to be through photographs. Here is what Shoaib said in the interview.

“This episode happened in 2002. Ayesha wanted us to get married. While I definitely wanted to marry her, I didn’t want to rush into it. For one, I hadn’t met her. She suggested that we could do a telephone nikah right away. There was no way I could tell my parents about a telephone nikah, because it’s not the way they wanted me to get married. I was just 20 then, and under a lot of pressure from Ayesha to get married as she was saying that her family was losing face in Hyderabad as word had got around that we were courting. I walked out of my house one morning in June 2002, and went to my friend’s shop and called from there. I got a nikahnama, signed it, thinking the girl I was marrying was the one in the photographs,” 

Shoaib Malik said in the interview

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