What is the “Smart Replay System”? A New Innovation To Be Introduced In The IPL 2024

BCCI has decided to introduce "Smart Replay System" technology for the IPL 2024.

IPL 2024 is set to kick off on March 22, 2024, and to ensure the cash-rich league remains free from DRS errors, BCCI has decided to introduce a new technological innovation that would enhance the decision-making process and help overcome the shortcomings of the Decision Review System. Smart Replay System is going to be part of the IPL 2024, and here are some things that will improve with this technology’s introduction. “Smart Replay System” will enhance these two areas to make the decision process more efficient.

High-Speed Cameras: The ground will have eight high-speed cameras to cover every activity around the playground for a more comprehensive analysis of the close catches taken, stumpings, run-outs, etc. These high-speed cameras will be there for visual enhancements, and tri-camera angles for stumping decisions will offer footage from side-on and front-on in a single frame. 

Improvement in Coordination between Hawk-Eye Operators and third Umpire: Now, there will be direct communication between Hawk-eye Operators and third Umpire, unlike earlier in which the TV director worked as an intermediary between Third Umpire and Hawk-eye operator, the intermediary will not have any role now in providing the visuals. The Hawk-eye operators will be stationed in the same room as the TV umpire, who will directly get the visuals with the split-screen visuals facility. The improvements will eliminate the communication gap between the two. 

“Smart Replay System” is a new step towards making the decision-making in the game of cricket more robust and error-free and will also increase the efficiency of DRS. BCCI also organized a two-day workshop for the umpires to get familiar with the technology that they will utilize to deliver more accurate results in the upcoming matches. IPL 2024: The first match will be between MS Dhoni-led CSK and Faf Du Plessis-led Royal Challengers Bangalore at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai.

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