Sunil Gavaskar’s slams conspiracy theorists after India’s Asia Cup win:

Sunil Gavaskar, criticized those people across the border who thought that India deliberately wanted to lose the match against Sri Lanka

India’s stellar performance in the Asia Cup final shatters the dreams of Sri Lanka of retaining the Asia Cup trophy. With India celebrating the victory, it was former India’s captain Sunil Gavaskar who wanted to settle some scores with those who believed that India was deliberately trying to lose their Super 4 match against Sri Lanka. Earlier, former Pakistan’s speedster Shoaib Akhtar slammed those who thought the same. Some people during the match circulated the idea that India was trying to lose so that Pakistan couldn’t qualify for the finals of the Asia Cup, but it didn’t happen as India’s bowler put on a spectacular performance in the Super 4 match, leading India to a 41-run victory.

Sunil Gavaskar, criticizing those people across the border who thought that India deliberately wanted to lose the match against Sri Lanka so that Pakistan could be knocked out of the Asia Cup final race,

“What a tight slap on the faces of all those across the Western border who were screaming and shrieking that Bharat after being dismissed for 213 against Sri Lanka was purposely losing the game so as to deprive Pakistan of a place in the final. Did these brainless people even think of the possibility that after Bharat loses the game to Sri Lanka and then Pakistan beat Sri Lanka and the Bharat v Bangladesh game gets rained off, it was Bharat who would not have qualified for the final. So why would Bharat lose deliberately to Sri Lanka?”

Sunil Gavaskar wrote in Mid-Day

Sunil Gavaskar, mentioning the incapability of some teams to qualify for the finals of the game and depending on India for their qualification in the final, advised them to become a stronger side so that they don’t have to depend on any other team for their qualification.

Let’s be frank and understand that when it comes to the World Cup teams, they would do anything to ensure they get to the final. That said, why depend on another team for your team’s progress? Why don’t you win all the games and win the tournament yourself instead of pointing fingers at any other team? It must be galling to depend on Bharat to qualify for the knockout stages of a tournament

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