“Don’t give them space in your papers” Sunil Gavaskar blasts Australian and Pakistan experts.

The former India captain didn't mince his words while giving a befitting reply to Australian and Pakistani experts.

As ICC ODI CWC 2023 is coming closer, more mouths are spilling their opinions on various teams, and a majority of those opinions are directed towards the Indian squad for the World Cup. Ex-cricketers of Pakistan and Australia are now and then recommending what should be done by the Indian team and which player should play up and down in the batting order, etc. These opinions or advices given by overseas ex-cricketers didn’t go well with former Indian player Sunil Gavaskar, who ridiculed them for giving opinions on other teams rather than focusing on their own.

“If you see the statements that come out from their side…sadly our media gives them the prominence. We have Pakistan players, and Australian players selecting Indian team. How is it their concern? Do any Indian players go and select the Australian or the Pakistan team? It’s none of our business. But we allow that”

Sunil Gavaskar on Sports Today

The former India captain didn’t mince his words while giving a befitting reply to such advice or comments made about the Indian team. He also accused the Indian media of giving too much importance to the statements or opinions given by these so-called experts on the Indian team, as the media keep pushing those statements, which is why they keep on giving their opinions then and now. He advised the Indian media to not give these experts space in their columns as nobody needs their advice.

“Don’t give them space in your papers. You have a South African saying a player should be in your team. You have an Australian saying. It happens too often. They say who should bat at no. 3 or no. 4. C’mon, we don’t need your advice”

Sunil Gavaskar added

As of now, the Indian team is fighting for the Asia Cup title, and on September 10th, they will be facing their arch-rivals Pakistan for the second time in this tournament. The first match got abandoned due to heavy rain. Both teams are in the super 4, and Pakistan would be carrying the confidence with them as they beat Bangladesh in their last match.

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