Who are the Top 10 Wicket Takers in IPL?

Who are the Top 10 Wicket Takers in IPL? Find out if your favorite bowler is on the list.

Who are the Top 10 Wicket takers in IPL?: Cricket fans love to see sixes but also love to see stumps flying when some bowlers bowl batsmen. There is a saying that Batsmen can make you win a match, but bowlers are the ones who make u win tournaments and titles.

The Bowlers mostly go under the radar when it comes to being a famous icon of cricket, and only very few can stand shoulder to shoulder with good batsmen fame. Bowlers are the most hardworking players, especially pace bowlers. Even great batsmen are accepted that, but still, many great bowlers do not get as much fame as batsmen get.

Indian Premier League had many matches in which bowlers rule over batsmen, and there are some amazing bowlers who destroyed the opponent’s batting lineup. Here is the list of the Top 10 bowlers who took the most numbers of wickets.

10. Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah made his IPL debut on April 4, 2013, and got his first wicket when he out Virat Kohli. After that, he got two more wickets and ended up his spell of 3/32 against Royal Challengers Bangalore, and from that match, his cricketing career had a huge boost. He later became the core part of the Indian Cricket team and the Mumbai Indians team.

He played 120 Indian Premier League matches and took 145 wickets which is a great achievement in a tournament where most of the pitches are batting-friendly, and stadium boundaries are short. He later suffered from an injury and has not played in IPL since 2022. He has also been featured in every limited international match. He is on the 10th-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

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9. Harbhajan Singh

The Indian veteran spinner has been one of the greats of Indian cricket who also performed really well in the IPL. He played 163 Indian Premier League matches and took 150 wickets. In 2008 made his debut in IPL and played 3 matches in that season. He last played IPL in 2021 for Kolkata Knight Riders, in which he failed to take any wickets in three matches.

Harbhajan Singh is an off-spinner who played for Punjab and, after that, made his debut for India on March 25, 1998, against the Australian side in which he took 2 wickets. He is on the 9th-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

8. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar made his IPL debut in 2011, and he is still an active cricketer in IPL as he played 149 IPL matches and took 156 wickets which is an amazing feat by the pace bowler. He is right now a player for SunRisers Hyderabad.

He is also part of the Indian Cricket team for a long time and is one of the few players who took a hat trick in his debut match. He is on the 8th-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

7. Sunil Narine

The West Indies mystery spinner is at the 7th spot of the most wicket taker list as he played 151 matches and took 158 wickets. He is also a very economical bowler who has an economy of 6.64 runs per match.

He has been a core member of Kolkata Knight Riders for a very long time, and the first match of the IPL he played was on April 8, 2012, against the Rajasthan Royals team. He is on the 7th-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

6. Piyush Chawla

Piyush Chawla played 161 matches to date and taken 161 wickets, and this IPL 2023 is most probably his last year of IPL. He was also part of the Indian Cricket team, and the last time he played for India was in 2012 against the England Cricket team. He is an amazing Leg spin bowler who is still going strong in IPL 2023. He is on the 6th-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

5. Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the most intelligent cricketers and also skilled in the world. He is still playing for the Indian Cricket team, and in the 2023 IPL season, he is playing for the Rajasthan Royals side.

He played 188 matches and took 163 wickets, making him the top 5th highest wicket-taker bowler in IPL to date. He is the only bowler who keeps non-striker batsmen attentive because he is known for his Mankad incident. He is on the 5th-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

4. Amit Mishra

The ever-green Amit Mishra is in the 4th spot as he took 169 wickets in 156 balls and still playing the IPL tournament at the age of 41 makes him one of the oldest players in the league. He is also the only one who took three Hat Tricks in IPL, which is a great achievement for a bowler. Lucknow Super Giants recently picked him in IPL Auction 2023. He is on the 4th-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

3. Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga is a legend of the Sri Lanka side and also for the Mumbai Indians side, as he played 122 matches and took 170 wickets. He took the most wickets and fewest matches compared to other bowlers. He made Mumbai Indian win many matches and was the death bowling specialist. He is on the 3rd-ranked of the Wicket Takers list, and now he is a Rajasthan Royal Bowling coach.

2. Yuzevndra Chahal

The Indian modern era great leg spinner Yuzevndra Chahal is in the 2nd spot of the most wicket-takers as he took 176 wickets in 135 balls and is still an active player in IPL and might become the number 1 wicket-taker at the end of the season. He is on the 2nd-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

1. Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo is a Chennai Super Kings legend who took 183 wickets in 161 matches and is on the top of the most wicket-takers in IPL history. He was the game changer for the Chennai Super Kings side as his wicket-taking skill always kept Chennai Super Kings in the game, and he also had a batting ability. He is on the 1st-ranked of the Wicket Takers list.

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