Virat Kohli Started Eating Chicken Tikka But, It’s A Vegetarian One, How?

India's star batter Virat Kohli shared an Instagram story praising the "mock chicken tikka."

Virat Kohli, undoubtedly one of the fittest cricketers in the world, has recently shared a story on his Instagram account where he praised the “Mock Chicken Tikka” he had recently, but isn’t Virat Kohli a vegetarian now? He is still a vegetarian despite having Chicken Tikka, as it is a plant-based version of the chicken tikka made purely from plant-based sources, mainly soy. In the last few years, there have been alternatives to flesh or meat products in the form of plant-based ones that give the same taste and match the taste buds of meat eaters.

Why Virat Kohli Turned Vegetarian?

Virat Kohli is known for his work ethics and determination towards cricket, and that’s why he was taking care of his diet, but his diet was mostly consisted of meat-based products, which resulted in the development of excess amount of uric acid in his body that hampers his performance in the field, and he started suffering. To end that, he shifted towards a vegetarian diet, and since then he has stopped consuming meat-based products and turned vegetarian.

Left eating meat just before the England Test series. In 2018, when we went to South Africa, I had a cervical spine issue while playing a test match. It compressed a nerve that was running straight to the little finger of my right hand. It gave me a tingling sensation and I could barely feel my little finger. I could not sleep at night and it was hurting like mad,”

Virat Kohli said

Not just Virat changed his diet; he also shared his experience by praising the amazing health benefits of turning vegetarian.

I felt amazing, it is almost two years now and it is the best decision I have taken… it made me feel why I didn’t do it before,”

He added

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