“I never asked for it”- Virat Kohli revealed why he wears 18-number jersey

Virat Kohli, or King Kohli, one of the most beloved cricketers in the world, has recently revealed the reason for his wearing a jersey with the number 18 on it. While having a brief conversation with Star Sports India, he revealed how he got the number 18 and why he thinks that there is some kind of cosmic connection he has with that number. Virat Kohli has a list of records to his name, and his exceptional performance in international cricket earned him the name King Kohli.

Virat Kohli, revealing the reason for his jersey number, said that:

There has to be a cosmic connection with this number. I find it quite surreal even now to be honest when I see so many people wearing my jersey number and name.” he added

“To be honest 18 started off just being a number that was given to me when I opened that first India U19 jersey. I never asked for it, it was just given to me.”

“But then it ended up becoming a very important number in my life. My debut came for India on 18th of August, 2008. My father passed away on the 18th of December, 2006. Two of the most significant dates in my life happened to be 18.”

Virat Kohli is currently playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2023. He is the former captain of the same team, but this year the captaincy is in the hands of Faf Du Plessis. This year the performance of RCB is decent, and they managed to win 6 out of their 12 matches played. But the qualification race for the playoffs is going on, and there is a jam of the teams who can qualify for the playoffs. Though Gujarat Titans have qualified for the playoffs, the rest of the three teams who would qualify for the playoffs are still not clear.

RCB has the chance to qualify for the playoffs if they manage to win both of their last two matches.

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