Why are the Delhi Capitals struggling in IPL 2023 Season?

Why are the Delhi Capitals struggling in IPL 2023 Season? Is it because of too many coaches?

Delhi Capitals (DC) are the only team who are still finding their way to win the first match because they lost all Five matches they played in Indian Premier League 2023 till now, and there are a few reasons for that.

The underconfident Leader

David Warner was appointed as the captain of the Delhi Capitals after Rishabh Pant suffered an injury from a car accident on 30th December 2022. He is out for a whole year of cricket, which is a huge loss for the Indian Cricket team and the Delhi Capitals side. Though he is scoring in every match with a very low strike rate, which is a big concern.

It is not the right call for the DC management to give the captaincy to someone who has been struggling with his form and style of play for a long time because if the leader is not confident in himself, how will he boost the players who are playing under him? The players look very down, and the body language of all players is not confident because they only had just one close match.

David Warner was not seen as very active in talking to his players and boosting them, which is one of the most important roles of the captain.

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Too many star players as coaches in one dugout!

Delhi Capitals coaching staff is full of stars the likes of Saurav Ganguly, Shane Watson, and Ricky Ponting, who are the three main coaching of the Delhi side, seem not to be in sync with each other, and there might be some ego problem going on in the dressing room.

All three are one of the biggest players who played for their respective countries, but having ego problems is normal with stars like them. Many coaches favor some players whom they like and want in the playing XI, so this can be an issue with all three coaches of the Delhi Capitals.

Not a Friendly Dressing Room!

It is very clear to see that many players of Delhi Capitals don’t really gel together when there is any happy moment for them which is one of the issues with the team because the team can only win a match when they are united as one but right now most of Delhi Capitals players playing like they want to shine alone in the match and don’t communicate with each other in the match. Many players do give up before the match end, which is one of the reasons why they lost so many matches easily this season.

Not a Proper Squad

The squad of Delhi Capitals is not like they have many options to replace other players, and that’s why they keep on trying new players at new spots to see what going to work, but this is not the team to test your lineup like that. Practice matches and team meetings are the places where you decide the lineup and playing XI for the match, which is a big miss for the Delhi Capitals side.

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