ICC announces the prize money for WTC 2023 winners.

The apex governing body of cricket, the ICC, has announced the cash prize for the winners of the WTC 2023 final, which will be held at the Oval, England, between India and Australia this June 2023, and the team who will win the final would take home $1.6 million in addition to the WTC mace. Last time, in 2021, it was the cricket team of New Zealand that won the final of the WTC and was rewarded with a $1.6 million prize; this year it could be either Australia or India if there are no severe weather interruptions, though there is an extra day arranged apart from the five days assigned to get the final winner.

The total of $3.8 million would be shared among nine teams, and South Africa would be given $450,000 for finishing in the third spot. England finished their test championship 2021–23 in fourth position and would be rewarded with prize money of $350,000. Sri Lanka finished in the fifth spot and would get $200,000. The teams that are in lower ranks than the teams that finished in the fifth position would get $100,000 each until the ninth position. New Zealand (No. 6), Pakistan (No. 7), the West Indies (No. 8), and Bangladesh (No. 9)

India finished as runner-ups last time, as well as New Zealand, which managed to win the final of the WTC 2021 with 8 wickets. This time, the Indian side would be eyeing the test championship trophy and the winner’s prize money. Those Indian players who are selected for the WTC final and whose IPL teams are now out of the IPL 2023 have already started training in England to assess the pitch conditions over there. Virat Kohli is one of those players who are currently training in England, but some selected players are currently playing the IPL, but after May 28th, they will be joining the rest of the players in England for the final.

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