“There shouldn’t be any question about his place” Said Zaheer Khan After Shubman Gill’s Performance In The1st Test

Zaheer Khan is confident that Shubman Gill will bat at number 3, and there should be no question about him being on the team.

Ben Stokes led the England team to a remarkable victory over India in the first test of the five-match series. Rohit Sharma and his men looked pale in the second inning when India needed 231 runs to win the match. The visitors turned the table with their bowling attack, winning the match by 28 runs. Shubman Gill, who was in sublime form in the first half of 2023, breaking some international records in his fine run, started struggling in the second half of the year after the World Test Championship final, and since then, fans have been waiting to see the old Shubman Gill on the crease. Shubman Gill, in the first match, could only score 23 runs.

Former Indian pacer Zaheer Khan, after seeing the poor performance of the right-handed batter in the first test, gave his opinion about his form.

So I don’t think the pressure that you are talking about came to him even in the first innings of this match because of the class of batter he is, the way in which he bats, and the flow in which we know that he bats. It has been seen that that flow did not come in the first innings. There were some good platforms there. The platform was absolutely set for batting. So what does the number-three batsman do? He takes that platform further and tries to improve that momentum,

Zaheer Khan told

Agreeing that there was pressure on him when he came to bat at number three, Zaheer Khan believes that the batter is capable of handling that pressure, and there is no doubt about his batting position on the team, and he will keep on playing at number three.

There is pressure on him, but you have to deal with it. As we say in cricket, a good player only emerges from pressure. The team will see Shubman in that way, the fans will see him in that way and the management will also see him similarly. So he will be given the chance. I don’t think there should be any question about his place in the team at this time. He will play at No.3,

He added

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