Lewis Hamilton Will Join Ferrari From F1 2025 Season

The biggest deadline transfer day news came from the football world and the F1 world, where Lewis Hamilton decided to switch from Mercedes to Ferrari for the F1 2025 season.

The 7 times World Champion Lewis Hamilton made a bold move after failing to win the Championship for the last two years and decided that he needed a new place to ignite his inner fire once again. He is the best F1 driver of all time with 103 wins and 104 pole positions, which is just exceptional for a person who is now 39 years old. He is going to replace Carlos Sainz, whose contract will end in 2025.

Why Did Hamilton Decide To Leave The Mercedes?

There are a few points that might be the reasons why Hamilton decided to leave Mercedes for Ferreri in 2025.

  • The new W15 Mercedes F1 car is not the best they have had in the past, and this time, it is said that the car will be more balanced than last season but not going to be the fastest one on the track.
  • Niki Lauda’s death is also one of the reasons why Hamilton came to Mercedes from McLaren, but after Niki passed away in 2019, Hamilton did not look relaxed
  • There is also a rumor that even though Mercedes was looking at the options to replace Hamilton, they chose George Russell, their 1st choice driver, which is also seen in some last season races where the team gave priority to Russell, who joined the Merc from Williams in 2021.
  • The effect of Serra, who also joined Ferrari from Mercedes in 2023, is one of the factors why Hamilton chose them

It is going to be the last season for Hamilton for the Mercedes team, and it is going to be hard for Lewis to win the championship with the car Mercedes has right now and give Max Verstappen trouble, which is going to be the favorite to win his third world championship.

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