Max Verstappen To Mercedes In Next Season? Why Verstappen’s Father Not Happy With Red Bull Team Principle Horner

Max Verstappen dominated the first race of the 2024 season but had some speculation about moving to Mercedes

Mercedes must be happy to see Red Bull’s situation after losing Lewis Hamilton for the next season, but Max Verstappen is having trouble with the team management and Team Principal Christian Horner, who is under investigation.

Max Verstappen dominated the first race of the season in Bahrain International Circuit and won the match with a gap of +22.457 seconds to the 2nd position Sergio Perez. The Red Bull Racing team has been amazing with the buildup of their car, and since Honda joined them, they have been invincible, dominating the last two seasons in F1 racing.

Will Max Verstappen Change To Mercedes?

The contract of Max Verstappen will end in 2028, but another team who wants Max on their team can active his release clause, there is a very slight chance for this to happen in the near future because if things go wrong with the team principal Horner, then the Red Bull going to change the team principal.

What Ralf Schumacher Said About The Investigation?

I believe that when you see how bad the mood is against him, he is untenable and should resign in the interests of the team.

That speaks volumes,” he said of the team’s Bahrain celebrations where Horner stood apart from Helmut Marko and Adrian Newey and wasn’t the first person to receive a hug from Max Verstappen, who first celebrated with Red Bull’s co-owner Chalerm Yoovidhya.

“[But] We can’t look into people’s minds,” Schumacher admitted. “But the problem definitely needs to be clarified.”

Why would I do that? Max has a contract with Red Bull until 2028, is performing great and feels at home here. I have no interest in that at all,

Ralf Schumacher Said

Toto Wolff did talk with the father of Max Verstappen after the race in the Bahrain Grand Prix which can lead to some interesting outcome because the father of Max really not liking Horner.

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