AIFF President Unveils Inclusive Plans for Cerebral Palsy Football Integration

AIFF President announces inclusive plans for Cerebral Palsy football integration in AIFF leagues.

In a groundbreaking move, All India Football Federation (AIFF) President, Mr. Kalyan Chaubey, announced on Sunday, December 17, 2023, plans to integrate Cerebral Palsy football players into the mainstream structure of AIFF leagues. Embracing FIFA’s slogan, ‘Football Unites the World,’ Mr. Chaubey expressed a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that Cerebral Palsy footballers would play a role in AIFF tournaments.

Addressing the media during the Cerebral Palsy football final at the Khelo India Para Games, Mr. Chaubey unveiled the initiative, emphasizing the spirit of unity that football embodies. He revealed that Cerebral Palsy football players would join teams in the heartwarming practice of holding hands with youngsters while entering the field, providing them with a sense of encouragement and acceptance.

The AIFF President highlighted the extensive array of tournaments conducted by the AIFF, including the I-League, I-League 2, I-League 3, Kalinga Super Cup, Santosh Trophy, and various national championships for both men and women. This move is set to diversify the talent pool and promote inclusivity across all levels of Indian football.

During the Cerebral Palsy football final, Kerala emerged triumphant, securing a 7-0 victory over Tamil Nadu at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in the capital. Mr. Chaubey expressed his admiration for the Khelo India Para Games, acknowledging the positive impact of Cerebral Palsy football on India’s international Para Games medals tally.

Former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja, present at the event, extended his congratulations to the organizers and participants for the successful execution of the Para Games. The AIFF’s move to integrate Cerebral Palsy football players not only marks a significant step towards inclusivity but also holds the potential to elevate India’s standing in international Para Games, fostering a more diverse and united football community.

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