Calabria’s fury with referee after Milan-Napoli game.

AC Milan's Davide Calabria explains his anger towards the referee after their match against Napoli, detailing the reasons behind it.

Milan’s Champions League win over Napoli didn’t come without controversy. Referee Istvan Kovacs was at the center of it all, infuriating both teams with his decisions. Milan’s Davide Calabria in particular was left fuming after the final whistle, with the referee’s VAR problems cited as the reason. As Milan captain, Calabria had every right to be angry with the referee’s performance, especially as his team had just secured a vital win. Despite the controversy, the Rossoneri held on for a 1-0 victory with an Ismael Bennacer goal, sending them through to the next round of the competition.

In a recent interview with Amazon Prime Video, footballer Calabria opened up about an odd incident that occurred during a match. As the captain of his team, Calabria felt frustrated when the fourth official prevented him from speaking to the referee after multiple VAR issues arose. Despite his attempts to seek an explanation, Calabria was even booked for his persistence. In hindsight, he acknowledges the futility of dwelling on the incident, but it raises important questions about the role of team captains in communicating with referees. One particular moment during the match exemplified this issue when play was halted for the referee’s radio mic adjustment, leading to multiple calls for Calabria’s presence.

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