Chelsea FC Should Sack Mauricio Pochettino After Wolves Won By 4-2

Chelsea lost 2-4 against Wolves in their last premier league and now fans and Thiago Silva wife wants Pochettino to e sacked.

Mauricio Pochettino is now in danger as Chelsea once again lost against the weaker team, Wolves, by 4-2 in the last Premier League match, in which the defense looked very unsettled.

It has been a very tough 2 years for Chelsea and their fans, who are just not able to see their team performing well after spending more than a billion euros in the transfer market. They sacked around 2 managers already, and now Pochettino is on the radar as his win rate has been only 45%, which is not good for the Manager of a big club like Chelsea, who won the most number of trophies over the last 15 years till 2020 and always look for a manager who can make the team win the trophy but anything less then that is not acceptable for the Chelsea because they spend big in the transfer market.

The situation has gotten worse since Todd Boehly took over the club after Roman Abramovich stepped down as the owner due to Russia’s war with Ukraine. However, as soon as Boehly took charge, he had a problem with Tuchel because he wanted to make his friends meet the Chelsea player, which the manager did not allow, which made the director angry and sacked him.

Chelsea also hired Graham Potter, who made the Brighton team into the top four in the 2022-2023 mid-season, but then in the winter, he became Chelsea manager, which he failed to perform after having a huge squad of Chelsea. In the summer of the 2023 season, Pochettino took charge of Chelsea but never looked comfortable with his managerial skills as he made many players play out of the position, which hurt the club, and now they are in 11th place in the Premier League, which is worst the club over two decades.

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva’s wife, Belle Silva, also said that it is time to change and indirectly demanded the sacking of Pochettino. The fans are very angry with the performance, and the new defenders look very nervous and do not have a proper line of defense, which is why the Wolves scored 4 goals.

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