Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statement About Retirement: “It is, without doubt, my last European Championship,”

Read about the Portugal vs Slovenia match result and what Cristiano Ronaldo said after the match as he missed the penalty.

Portugal through the quarter-finals after a close match against Slovenia in the Euro 2024 in the penalty shootout after Ronaldo failed to convert the penalty kick into a goal as Oblak chose the right direction to dive.

Seeing their idol cry hard after Portugal won the match was sad for many football and Ronaldo fans. Still, every team player came to his aid and consoled him after Costa won it for the team, saving every penalty kick from the Slovenia side. However, it will not be easy as they are going up against title contender France, who won their last match against the Belgium side, and that too by the own goal scored by Belgium defender Jan Vertonghen.

What Cristiano Ronaldo Said In the Post-Match Conference?

“It is, without doubt, my last European Championship,”

“But I’m not emotional about that. I’m moved by all that football means — by the enthusiasm I have for the game, the enthusiasm for seeing my supporters, my family, the affection people have for me.

“It’s not about leaving football, because if I do, what else would I need to do or win?

“It won’t be about getting one more point or one less point. Making people happy is what motivates me the most.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Said

The 39-year-old legend announced that he is going to play his last Euro, and we can see him retire before the next World Cup.

What Other Portgual Players Said About Ronaldo?

“We all know that Cristiano is the hardest worker,”

“I understand how frustrated he is because he devotes all his time to this. It’s a pleasure and an honour to be on the same team as him.

“We’re a family, I really think this. I focus on making the best of these chances and I wanted to help the team. This is the most important thing.

“This is probably the best game of my life.”

said goalkeeper Costa

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