Euros 2024 Round of 16 Teams Scenario: Who Will Reach the Round of 16 and Who will Knockout?

Read about which team is going to reach the Round of 16 of Euros 2024 and which team might be eliminated out of the remaining 18 teams.

Which team will advance to the Round of 16 in Euros 2024? Four teams, including Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Portugal, have qualified for the Round of 16 as of June 24, 2024. There are 12 team slots left out of 18, as Poland and Scotland have already been eliminated.

Which Football National Team Has the Best Chance To Qualify For The Round of 16 in Euros 2024

Group A: Germany and Switzerland have already progressed in Round 16. The German team dominated the group, winning two out of three matches and scoring 8 goals, the highest total by any team in the other group.

Group B: Spain progressed to the round of 16 after winning two out of two matches without conceding a goal, showing their great stability in the team. The second slot is quite open, but Italy has the upper hand in qualifying for the round of 16.

Group C: The group is quite open for every team right now, but England will be a favorite to top the group. The second slot will be between Denmark and Slovenia, who have two points each, but Denmark will have the upper hand as they will face Serbia, and Slovenia will face England, which are tougher opponents.

Group D: Poland has already been eliminated from the group, and the Netherlands and France teams will be favorites to top the group as they will go up against Poland. Netherlands will face Austria, which, if they win, will qualify for the Round of 16 alongside France.

Group E: It started with a surprise when Slovakia defeated Belgium, but in the next match against Romania, Belgium won by 2-0, and now all three teams are on the same points. Romania has a goal advantage of 1 goal, whereas, for Ukraine, it’s quite hard to qualify because they have a -2 goal difference.

Group F: Portugal has already progressed to the Round of 16, and the last slot is between Turkiye and Czechia, but Turkiye will likely be the winner to progress to the Round of 16.

It has been one of the best Euros in history as no team looked like a clear winner against their opponent, and so many players are turning up well in the matches, which makes it more exciting.

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